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As the third year of its six-year Strategic Project will be drawing to a close next December, the Institute for Medieval Studies – whose research groups have been working around our main theme: “People and Knowledge in Motion: Medieval Portugal in Trans-European Networks” – is hosting a Conference which is aiming to bring together scholars from around the world in order to discuss and reassess research undertaken in the Institute and in the wider world on mobility, circulation of models and global phenomena in the Middle Ages.

In the course of the last three years, researchers specialising in the areas of History, History of Art, Archaeology and Literature, have developed their research with a strong emphasis on the question of the circulation of men and women, ideas, models and artefacts as mirrors of a medieval reality in which mental, symbolic and physical mobility seems to correspond less and less to the ancient perceptions and stereotypes of Medieval Men and Society as characterized by stillness and immutability. Furthermore, work in the Institute has raised additional questions and problems intimately connected with the topics being studied, but also very much in line with current historiographical tendencies.

For this reason, the organizers of the Fourth Conference on Medieval Europe in Motion deemed it appropriate to take our principal concern a step further and propose as its main subject the question whether or not it is possible to speak of a Global Middle Ages. The Conference will seek to provide a forum for scholars from all disciplines who are willing to examine this topic. We invite participation from graduate students, early career researchers and senior scholars. Papers will be in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French or Italian.

The three sections of the Conference will be:

1. Debating the Global Middle Ages: Theoretical and Historiographical Approaches;
2. Texts, Images and Representations;
3. Territories and Powers: a “Glocal” Perspective.

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